((Finally, our story arc is resolved!  In an imaginary hypothetical non-canon situation!))

Wow, that sure is a post from nearly two years ago!  I couldn’t possibly have been planning this all along.  Haha, that would be insane, wouldn’t it?  Ha ha ha ha?  HA HA HA HA HA

Your names are RANBO DAS and INKIE IE, and you’re BACK.

Not that you’ve ever been anywhere, oh no.  You’ve just been preoccupied with OTHER THINGS.  Things like CUDDLING and CHILLING OUT and other RESPONSIBILITIES.

But now the TRANQUILITY in the WHITE VOID has been disturbed.  A BLACK VORTEX has appeared on the horizon, apparently brought forth by BOOGLE THE DRAGON’s sacrifice.

Together with YOUR FRIENDS, you’ve got to find out exactly what this BLACK VORTEX is, what it wants, and how to stop it - preferably before this BLOG reaches its 300th ASK.  This gives you 15 opportunities to ASK QUESTIONS and/or ENTER COMMANDS.

Let’s get started!

he is returning.

he is returning.

((This question is in reference to this ask from… wow, ten months ago?  Really?  I guess that’s a testament to how many usable questions I get these days.))

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Please keep sending in your questions, though!

Please keep sending in your questions, though!